Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader yesterday said that the Election Commission is either not working properly or it cannot work properly.

“The Election Commission has many powers as a constitutional body, but its power is not visible to the common people,” said GM Quader, also deputy leader of the opposition.

He said this while speaking at a programme at the JP chief’s office at the capital’s Banani.

The JP chief alleged that along with the ruling party members, a section of government officials is often involved in influencing the election.

“Therefore the local body elections are not being held in a competitive manner,” he further alleged.

Besides, GM Quader said, candidates from the opposition ideology cannot stay in the election field due to filing of cases against them, along with intimidation.

Despite this, he said, Jatiya Party will take part in every local government elections. The party is being organised and reaching out to people through the elections, he added.

GM Quader also said participants of his party who are taking part in different elections were given instruction to fight till the end of every polls.

“Those who cannot fight ignoring fear and greed are not needed in Jatiya Party. Because, the door of Jatiya Party is open for the new generation,” he also said.

In this context, he added that there is no such place in the ruling Awami League. No one can join

Awami League just because s/he wants to. On the other hand, there is a fear of lawsuits and attacks if anyone joins BNP. Therefore, Jatiya Party is a suitable platform for the new generation, he added.